NETTIE - The best Neti Pot is Nettie Neti Pot is used for doing the perfect jal neti or nasal wash. Jal neti is an ancient cleansing method in which warm clean water is passed from one nostril to other. Doing Jal neti prevents allergies, infections, sinusitis, runny nose, sneezing, cough and cold and asthma attacks.

To use the neti pot, you have to tilt your head sideways and have to place the spout of the neti pot the upper nostril. Breath through your open mouth. Gently pour the saltwater solution into your upper nostril so that the liquid continuously flows through the lower nostril. Repeat same to the other nostril.
After the usage rinse or dry the irrigation of neti pot with sterile boiled and cooled water or filtered water and leave to dry.

Why Nettie - Netipot?

Design - Ergonomically and scientifically designed to perform the best jalneti (nasal wash). Safety - Made with food grade material. The best Neti Pot is Nettie Neti Pot it is designed to rinse debris from your nasal cavity. It is unique Elephant Truck design it directly flows into nostrils without injury.
Capacity - 300ml capacity unlike others with 170ml capacity, giving you the right hydraulic pressure to perform jalneti.
Clean - Comes with cap to keep dirt and dust away.
Convenience -
• Free carry pouch to store and carry easily.
• Made of Food Grade Material
• 300 ml Capacity
• Scientifically Designed
• Safety Lid
• FREE Carry bag
• 2 years replacement Guarantee

Every single person in the family should own a best neti pot such as the Nettie Neti Pot washer which is easier to carry. It is a nose and sinus cleaner.