Sutra Neti Yoga is an advanced nasal cleaning technique using a thread or string to clean nostrils. Ideally this must be learned in the presence of a yoga guru/teacher. Sutra neti yoga is a very effective method of keeping the nasal passages open to their fullest capacity. One should try and master jala neti using water, before advancing to sutra neti.

Sutra Neti Yoga is a technique to clean your nasal cavity. It is a cotton string inserted into the nostrils and then pulled out from the mouth and end of the sutra neti are held by hands and nasal cleaning is done. The practice of the sutra Neti Yoga is ideally done in the early morning after brushing your teeth. It also can be practiced at any time of the day.

How to Use:
Take a sutra Neti in your hand and gently insert the neti in your left nostril don't rush it.,make sure you do it very slowly Gently push the neti into your nostril until it hits the back of your throat. The tube will bend and will go down into the throat. Open your mouth and grab the neti from your throat. It will take practice. Once you get the knack you can do it easily. Pull the neti out from your mouth, never leave the other end of the tube, which you were holding with another hand. Now use both hands to massage or clean the nostrils and throat. Repeat the same procedure for the right side nostrils. After completing both sides remove the neti and clean it. Store the neti in a clean place to use for the next day.

Benefits of Sutra Neti Yoga:

• It helps in maintaining the nasal hygiene and it removes the dirt and bacteria.
• It also helps in de-sensitives the sensitive tissues inside the nose
• It helps in the treatment of several problems like sinusitis, migraine, headaches, can be reduced by doing Neti.

Sutra neti yoga can be of great benefit and is highly recommended, for those who may have been trying jalaneti for a while and who find that most times the same one nostril is more blocked than the other. NETTIE sutraneti is hygienically packed and quality checked.